Brevard traffic stop ends in $80K pot bust


Winston Stevens

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A routine traffic stop landed a south Florida man in the Brevard County jail on a charge of marijuana trafficking.

Sheriff's deputies pulled over 50-year-old Winston Stevens along Insterstate 95 Friday and found a 27-pound stash of marijuana worth $80,000.

Stevens was driving northbound on I-95 headed to Jacksonville when Brevard County Sheriff's Deputies say they noticed an expired tag.

They conducted a traffic stop that almost ended with a written warning, said the Sheriff's Office.

The marijuana was in the trunk of Stevens' Chrysler Pacifica, wrapped in FedEx and U.S. Post Office boxes.

Deputies also located a loaded semi-automatic Glock 17 handgun.

"It's not uncommon. That's a main road highway from south Florida to any other areas they want to go to," said Deputy Maria Fernez.

Stevens is being held on $111,000 bond on drug and weapons charges.

"You never know what you're going to get with a traffic stop," Fernez said.