Brevard turned down for Hurricane Sandy financial aid



BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Hurricane Sandy may have had the biggest impact in the northeastern U.S., but the beaches of Brevard County received millions of dollars in damage along 20 miles of coastline in the south end of Brevard.

On Tuesday commissioners reviewed bids for sand replacement.

Some residents like Tuck Ferrell would like to see action sooner than later.

"You can't put your head in the sand, you have to try to do something or all is lost," said Ferrell.

Ferrell, a lifelong Brevard resident, said he has witnessed the damage from many hurricanes.

"Sandy was about a 10-day event," said Ferrell. "It stayed and it just kept hitting and hitting and hitting the dunes, and it severely eroded the dunes."

Commissioners voted unanimously on a $4 million deal to replenish 100,000 square yards of sand.

That sand will not be trucked in for areas where people walk along the beach. It's reserved for dune areas.

The sand likely won't be dumped any time soon. County officials said they only approved the bid now so that they could lock in a price.

Brevard will ask the state and other counties to help defer some of the costs by putting together an even bigger deal.

The federal government has already turned down requests for help twice.

Now the concern is that more storms could do more damage before the needed sand is in place.