Burglary suspects arrested after offering baby sitter $100 to hide in attic


BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - A teenage girl was home babysitting her little brother when their house suddenly became a hideout for some burglary suspects on the run in Brevard County.

They even offered her $100 to hide them inside the attic of the home at Barbara and Brunswick lanes in Rockledge, but thanks to a neighbor the police weren't far behind.

Savannah Sunstone was babysitting her little brother when she heard someone at her back door. By the time she came downstairs, the intruder was inside.

"Tried to pay me $100 to hide him and he wanted me to come with him but there was no way," said Sunstone.

She stayed away from the suspects as they made their way to the attic. Then a Rockledge officer came in, led to the home by their neighbor, who saw the suspects sneak into the backyard.

"I said I hope my neighbor didn't leave the back door open," said Sunstone's neighbor. 

She saw the police pull up.

"I warned the police. I said, 'Look, he's here,' and they were there," she said.

"They" were 21-year-old Brett Sexton and a young girl, whose name hasn't been released because she's a juvenile.

A car that police said was stolen out of Daytona Beach was still sitting on the curb with its door hanging open from when the suspects bailed out.

Inside, police found an Xbox, digital cameras and a laptop with a distinctive skin. Police believe those were items stolen during several burglaries.

Sunstone's mother was just glad they were caught. She told WFTV her hands were shaking.

"Because my son and daughter were in the home at the time," she said.

Another suspect, 18-year-old Lavin Shaffer, was caught outside of the house.