• Business owner pleads not guilty to Toys for Tots sign ordinance violation


    DELTONA, Fla. - A Deltona business owner pleaded not guilty Thursday to violating a city ordinance, involving a Toys for Tots sign.

    Corey Marion and her partner were fined for having a sign that showed their pet grooming shop in Deltona was a drop-off location for toys.

    The case led city leaders to make changes and form a focus group to brainstorm the potential changes. The Toys for Tots sign that was in front of the shop is common, but the city said it violated a sign ordinance and gave Marion a $60 fine.

    She and business partner, Jody Storozuk, went to city officials to see if they could get an exemption because the sign was for a charity. However, that was denied because of what's on the books.

    Marion had to enter a plea in her arraignment. She pleaded not guilty.

    Marion was the one officially cited, so she has to be back in court next month for her hearing.

    Storozuk said he is hoping they can work something out with the city before then since officials are considering changing the ordinance.

    However, the city has not said when the changes will be made.

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