• Car crash in Orange County sends gas pump flying into car with children inside


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A mother and her two young children are OK after witnesses said a car crashed just feet away from them and sent a gas pump into their car.

    Witnesses said they say huge flames shooting from the Sunoco on east Colonial Drive in Orange County.

    “We looked over here and we saw the gas station on fire and we turned to see what happened and get a recording of it,” said witness Rodney Plancher. “It’s not every day you see something like this.”

    Dawn Smith said she had just put gas into her car and was ready to leave when another car hit the pump which struck her vehicle and caught on fire.

    Her 18-month-old and 5-year-old children were in the car, so she said she jumped in and sped off.

    When she looked back, the pump was engulfed and seemed to be spreading quickly to the car.

    She said the fire was huge.

    “[Like] something out of a movie it seemed like to me,” Smith said.

    Witnesses told Channel 9’s Ryan Hughes that the driver was unconscious and had to be pulled from the vehicle.

    He was transported to the hospital along with Smith’s two children.

    The driver’s condition is still unknown and Smith wanted her children checked out as a precaution.

    The incident was captured on the store’s surveillance system but the manager did not want to release it to the media.

    The station has a safety system that quickly shut off the pumps to prevent further disaster

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