Car owners claim SunRail station work damaged their vehicles



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A group of car owners told Channel 9 that work on a SunRail station damaged their cars and SunRail officials don't appear to be doing anything about it.
The car owners said didn't know what it was, but when they came out they said it appeared something had been sprayed on the surface of their cars and whatever it is won't come off.
Car owner Patrick Mars said at first glance he didn't think it was anything to be concerned about.
"I thought my car was always dirty, so I'd keep taking it for a wash, then I realized it's not coming off," said Mars
What Mars was seeing on his car was clear coating. While sometimes it's not immediately obvious, when the light catches it just right it looks like white specks.
Mars said he found the clear coating it all over his car after parking it near the new SunRail station in Winter Park in February.
Mars wasn't the only car owner to notice a problem.
"I know a couple people who have done some real heavy cleaning of their cars and got rid of some of it, but just can't get rid of it all," said Mars.
Those who noticed the problem initially said it was windy that day when they saw crews spraying the SunRail station. They said the substance being sprayed blew across a lot and covered several cars.
Several of those who work in nearby offices got together and contacted SunRail. They said they believe at least 19 cars caught some of the spray, but said there could be many more.
Some of those affected told Channel 9's Jeff Deal that in April SunRail officials said they would investigate the claims, but so far the car owners said they have not heard anything.