Casey's lawyers to question EquuSearch founder in civil suit



Casey Anthony's civil lawyers said they were victorious on Friday in their fight against Texas EquuSearch, which is suing Casey for more than $100,000.

The search group said that's how much they spent on searches after Casey claimed her daughter Caylee was alive and missing.

Casey's civil lawyers convinced Circuit Judge Lisa Munyon to allow them to question EquuSearch founder Tim Miller under oath about the conversation he said he had with Casey.

Casey later claimed during her murder trial that Caylee had been dead all along, after drowning accidentally in the family swimming pool.

Casey's lawyers want to grill Miller about his claim in his lawsuit that Casey told him Caylee was alive and asked him to find her.

But Casey's lawyers claim Miller made several public statements to the contrary.

Volunteers came from all over the country to help EquuSearch look for Caylee, who won the hearts of people everywhere.

Casey claimed a nanny took off with Caylee, and even though Casey's story was full of contradictions and changes, EquuSearch came to Central Florida twice to lead massive searches that cost more than $100,000.

Casey was acquitted.

"Every person who was present during this meeting when this conversation allegedly took place denies that it ever occurred and this involves others than just members of the Anthony family," said Casey's lawyer, Charles Greene.

The judge still hasn't ruled on EquuSearch's request to have a special master, or a lawyer who would serve as a referee for the deposition, since there is no judge present.