Casselberry golf course owners want to shut it down, develop the land



CASSELBERRY, Fla. - The fight over a golf course in Casselberry is headed to court. The owners of the Casselberry Golf Club are suing the city for the right to sell the land to a private developer.

Jackie Pence said her daily walk would feel a lot different if the golf course she lives on is developed into homes or apartments.

"Of course I would like to see it remain a golf course," said Pence.

The owners of the course have just filed a lawsuit that could pave the way for development on their property.

Course owners said there aren't enough golfers for them to make a profit or even break even.

But a deed restriction on the property prohibits the owners from doing anything except giving the golf course away to the city. Owners said the deed restriction is unlawful.

"I don't think it's right for them to come back and sue at this point just because they want to make a profit off it," said Casselberry resident Tom Zakowski.

Lawyers for course owners declined to comment.

Last fall, city leaders got an earful from homeowners who want to keep the course as is, or make it a protected nature area.

A city official told WFTV's Bianca Castro that they plan to fight the lawsuit, but couldn't say exactly how much they're willing to spend to do it.

"Wait and see. I think that's all anyone of us can do is wait and see," said Pence.

City officials said they are forming a response to the lawsuit.

A judge will have the final say on whether the golf course owners will be allowed to sell or develop the property.