Central Fla. evangelicals pray for immigration reform



KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Just days after the government gets back to work, the stage is already being set for the next showdown in Washington -- immigration reform.

Evangelicals across the country prayed Friday that lawmakers can come together on the issue.

It looked more like a Sunday morning with hundreds at Mision la Cosecha in Kissimmee.

With leaders in Washington bitterly divided Friday, they turned to prayer.

Many evangelical Christians are deciding to no longer be silent about the issue of immigration reform.

Pastor Agustin Lopez is one of hundreds around the nation bringing his congregation together to pray for the nation's leaders as they consider reforming the nation's immigration system.

"Everything we ask for on earth will be done in Heaven," Lopez said.

Changes could include a path to citizenship for the 12 million undocumented immigrants living in the country.

"The Bible tells us to pray for those in authority," Lopez said.

Lopez was born a U.S. citizen in Puerto Rico but he's seen the current immigration system take a toll on families in his church.

"She has not seen her kids in five years, she can't go because her status here is in progress, and if she leaves, she loses everything that she's done," said Lopez.

It's not just predominately Latino churches who are advocating for change.

Pastor David Uth who leads a congregation of 16,000 at First Baptist Orlando went to Washington D.C. earlier this year to urge lawmakers to consider biblical values of family unity, and human dignity in the immigration debate.

Lopez said Christians can't afford to be silent on the issue.

"My goal, is to let everyone know, look at your principles, and be guided by your principles," Lopez said.

With discord at an all-time high in Washington, getting agreement on immigration reform just may take a miracle.

President Barack Obama has said immigration reform is one of his top priorities in Congress this year, and House Speaker John Boehner has said he is committed to passing immigration legislation.