• Changes coming to Fla. classrooms following vote to reshape common core


    FLORIDA - Numerous changes are coming to local classrooms after the State Board of Education voted to reshape some common core standards.

    The board made the changes at a meeting in Orlando Tuesday, despite the protests of dozens of parents and teachers.

    Critics said common core is a result of the federal government trying to control public education at the local level.

    They are also concerned the board is simply repacking national guidelines that are not tailored to students in Florida.

    Protesters said the changes do not go far enough.

    "We still retain 100 percent of the common core standards.  All that has happened is a little icing put on top," said Laura Caruso of Florida Family Policy Council.

    The board approved 99 changes to common core, designed to make them Florida's standards.

    Most of the changes deal with the additions of calculus and cursive writing.

    A new assessment test for the common core standards will be chosen next month and will be used in classrooms next school year.

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