• Chicken ordinance gets 'yes' vote in Lake County


    LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - Lake County leaders voted "yes" on an ordinance that would allow residents to raise chickens.

    The chicken debate is over in Lake County, and the chickens won by a vote of 3 to 2.

    Now, up to four chickens will be allowed in unincorporated areas, as long as they are in a chicken coop and they are in the back yard at least 20 feet from owners' property lines.

    There are no roosters allowed because of the noise they make in the morning, and the chickens cannot run loose in the yard.

    Resident Robert Pentz said he has no problem with the newly-adopted ordinance.

    "It's a free country. If my neighbors want to have chickens, let them have chickens. As long as they take care of them and keep them in their own yard, it's their business," said Pentz.

    The vote may ruffle some feathers in neighborhoods with homeowner's associations that have not made their own rules about chickens.

    County officials said it will be up to each HOA to decide how they want to handle chickens in their own communities.

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