Grapefruit spills on Fla. Turnpike after wire snaps on truck



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A load of citrus that spilled from the back of a truck forced the northbound and southbound exit ramps from the Florida Turnpike to Colonial Drive to close, authorities said Wednesday. However, just after noon, all lanes of the Turnpike reopened.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the driver, Wilber Penafiel, 49, was traveling north on the Turnpike and attempted to exit onto SR-50 in Orange County.

FHP said as Penafiel drove onto the exit ramp, the straps that the secure the load snapped, spilling grapefruit on the roadway.

Troopers said they inspected the truck and determined that the wrong gauge wire was used to secure the load.

Penafiel was ticketed for failure to properly secure the load.

Troopers said about 75 percent of the grapefruit being hauled on the truck spilled onto the ramp.

The truck is owned by Heller Brothers out of Ocoee.

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