City employee accused of stealing $20K from water bill payments



Some Orange County residents thought they were paying their water bill to a city employee, but instead, investigators say she took their cash and kept $20,000 for herself.

State investigators said 29-year-old Kiana Hagley stole more than $21,000 over a seven-month period in 2010. They said Hagley worked at the front desk of Oakland Town Hall and took the cash people brought in for water bill payments.

WFTV's Jeff Deal learned town officials didn't realize what was going on until a resident called and complained about her water bill.

Town officials said a customer went to Town Hall last June and paid her February water bill in cash and got a receipt, but she later found the money wasn't credited to her account.

The town switched to a new computer accounting system and realized the problem could be much bigger.

"We believe she falsified documents to show the money did get received," said Jack Massey, Florida Department of Law Enforcement special agent supervisor.

"The charge is over $20,000, but I know there's other money missing," said Massey.

The town said over a five-year period, there's roughly $120,000 missing from the town's water fund.

Five years is the same number of years the town said Hagley worked for them.

No one answered at Hagley's home when WFTV went by to get her side of the story on Friday.

At this point, neither the town, nor the FDLE can say for certain what happened to that extra $100,000 that seems to be missing or if Hagley was involved.

Hagley has been fired. The town manager said they are insured against theft and have filed a claim for $120,000. They're hoping to get that money back.