City of Orlando to install more than a dozen new cameras to crack down on crime



The City of Orlando said it has plans to install 17 new Innovative Response to Improve Safety (IRIS) cameras along Semoran Boulevard in Orlando.

More than 130 cameras, monitored by officers, help keep an eye on the people, places and things in the city 24 hours a day.

"Crime can happen anywhere, anytime. We do see crimes occur in that area so we want to ensure that these cameras capture those crimes being committed," said Orlando Police Department Sgt. Jim Young.

The city plans to put the new cameras along Semoran Boulevard, between Orlando International Airport and East Colonial Drive, to watch over residents and those who use the road as a gateway to central Florida.

Residents had mixed feelings.

”We’re not allowed to do anything anymore. There's cameras all over the place. Everything you do is watched," said resident Michelle Concannon.

"The Semoran Road, especially in this area, is crazy," said resident Yordanka Cuevas.

The city chose the area based on increased crime, congestion and public need.

IRIS cameras are already located in Metrowest, Parramore and downtown.

Channel 9 reporter Ryan Hughes asked, "Has the city been made safer since these cameras were installed?"

"If you look at our numbers, crime continues to go down overall," said Young.

City numbers show how the cameras have helped stop nearly 800 crimes, resulting in more than 110 arrests.

The IRIS cameras will be installed beginning in June. They cost around $7,000 each and most of the money comes from corporate or private donations.