• Clermont code enforcement chairman charged with misusing 911


    A Clermont Code Enforcement Board chairman was charged with misusing the 911 system.

    David Holt is accused of repeatedly calling 911 after he got into an argument with his wife.

    Holt kept asking for assistance from Lake County deputies because he claimed Clermont officers were being too tough with him.

    "The Clermont police have not been professional in their actions and I want a Lake County Sheriff Department personnel here please," Holt said over a 911 call.

    Then he called 911 again.

    "They were very aggressive with me and I want to get another police on the record," Holt said in the call.

    Perhaps the biggest show of aggression came after the second call, when Clermont officers arrested Holt at his home.

    Police told him to stop calling 911 and instead call a non-emergency number if he wasn't satisfied with their service, but Holt didn't listen.

    The code enforcement board chairman was charged with misusing 911.

    The City Council appointed Holt to his position, which is unpaid.

    "I would say it would be very out of character for Mr. Holt," Clermont City Council member Rick Vanwagner said.

    The situation began when Holt's wife Teresa called Clermont police because she said he came home drunk and wouldn't stop recording her on his cellphone.

    "He personally likes to antagonize me and he's looking for a reaction and I'm not going to give him one in my house and be afraid," Teresa Holt said in a call to 911.

    The couple is going through a divorce.

    Holt said he was never drunk or aggressive toward his wife or Clermont officers, and wanted a sheriff's deputy to verify that, so that's why he kept calling 911.

    Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway told Channel 9 he'll personally review the case to see if Clermont officers handled it properly.

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