• Clermont woman accused of offering sex for money at massage parlor


    CLERMONT, Fla. - Limin Chen made it perfectly clear she did not want to spend the night in jail Friday.

    She yelled and battled with Clermont police as they took her away from the New Moon Massage Parlor where she's accused of offering sex for money.

    "I tell you, I never do anything," Chen said.

    Police searched the place during a bust and the Department of Health shut it down.

    "She was actually caught in the act of offering sexual acts for the money," said Capt. Charles Vitale of the Clermont Police Department.

    Authorities launched their investigation into Chen after getting several tips from customers and the community.

    One of the tipsters was Sheree Orduna, who owns the hair salon next door.

    "You would see a lot of males come in consistently throughout the night and day," Orduna said.

    Orduna said she knew something was up when she saw "Asian massage" and "table shower available" signs.

    "Really, I think, there were a lot of massages gone wrong," Orduna said.

    Court records show Chen had a previous arrest in January when she was caught at a massage parlor in Orange County by MBI agents doing the very same thing.

    But through a window she said she did nothing of the sort.

    "You didn't do it? They're making it all up?" Eyewitness News Kenneth Craig asked.

    "Yeah, I never do anything," Chen said.

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