Man found guilty on all counts in Orange County double-murder trial



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The man accused of killing two people during a home invasion at an Orange County apartment complex was found guilty on all counts Wednesday.

Deliberations got underway Wednesday afternoon in Joshua Heard's trial.

Prosecutors said Heard was the triggerman in last year's shooting at the Middlebrook Farms apartments.

The defense called two witnesses: One was the officer who drew a composite sketch. The sketch shows the suspect with short hair.

The defense spent the day  trying to convince jurors that witnesses have identified the wrong man because Heard has dreadlocks.

Flanked by armed deputies, Heard walked into court as testimony continued in the case against him.

The last witness called to the stand for prosecutors was Heard's cousin.

Prosecutors said his cousin, Damion Heard, gave testimony in a deposition that Joshua Heard told him about the crime.

"Did you have a conversation with Joshua Heard about the two murders?" asked the prosecutors.

"I asked him about it. I don't know if it was a conversation," replied Damion Heard.

“Now your testimony is, you may have been lying,” the state attorney said to Damion Heard.

Heard was on trial for the February 2013 killings of 17-year-old Jonathan Cook and 24-year-old Khoy Williams.

Prosecutors said that Diego Alvarez, 17, was Heard's accomplice.

The victims had just returned from a night of bowling when they were shot and killed. A third victim was wounded.

Alvarez took a plea deal and he testified against Heard on Tuesday.

However, when Joshua Heard's cousin was on the stand, Damion Heard testified he couldn't remember much.

"Sir, I do a lot of drugs and alcohol. My memory's short," he said.

The defense argued prosecutors have the wrong man and Alvarez lied to save himself.

“The state’s case is full of holes, it may as well be Swiss cheese,” the defense attorney said.

The only other witness described the shooter as being short and having short hair.

Joshua Heard is 6 foot 2 inches tall.

Heard did not take the stand in his defense.

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