• Colt appears to be moving forward with military weapons facility in Kissimmee


    KISSIMMEE, Fla. - After years of delays, a top gun manufacturer can finally open up shop in Osceola County later this year.

    In 2011, Gov. Rick Scott offered Colt Manufacturing more than $1 million in incentives to open a new plant at a county-owned building in Kissimmee.

    The building, however, remained empty, so Channel 9's Nancy Alvarez started asking questions and found the ball is rolling.

    Colt has not commented about their plans, but Alvarez obtained a letter from the company confirming they've reached out to a local contractor to start work in Osceola County again.

    "We've got information that they're not done with Osceola just yet," said county chairman Fred Hawkins.

    Colt's letter explains a merger between two companies under the Colt name caused major delays in pending projects like the one in Kissimmee. Now that it's been settled and the newly formed Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC has every intention of moving in this year.

    "I was relieved," said Hawkins. "Any county would love to have that big C, that Colt name, to be able to say part of their operations are here."

    The letter states that, "A decision on the nature of the operations to be carried out in Kissimmee has not been made."

    According to Hawkins, the work in Osceola will be geared toward weapons for the military.

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