• Commissioners vote down west Orange County school plan


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - It's back to the drawing board for plans to put a relief high school in west Orange County.
    On Tuesday, Orange County commissioners voted down a settlement agreement that would have allowed the proposed school to be built on County Road 535.
    "We have argued and contested from the beginning this is the best site," said Diego Rodriguez, with Orange County Public Schools.
    Because the commissioners said no, the agreement is now dead and both sides will have to go back to court.
    "There's a three-judge panel, that will review our legal issues that we have raised already and we will be employing the courts to handle this in an expedited manner," said Rodriguez.
    There has been an ongoing debate between those who want the school on the planned site and those who want it built elsewhere.
    Commissioner Scott Boyd voted for the agreement and said he is disappointed the plan isn't moving forward.
    "I've been dealing with this for six years and I'll probably be dealing with it for three more," Boyd said.
    But residents opposed to the plan hope they can work with the district to find another place for the high school.
    "We want a high school. We need (Orange County Public Schools) to come to the table, and truly let's find an alternate site," said resident June Cole.
    Parents worried about overcrowding in the schools hope the courts will give the district the OK to build.
    "I have confidence in OCPS they're going to build a high school on the (proposed) site. It's for our children. They need this high school," said resident Marci Sgattoni.

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