• Computer glitch delays release of report cards in Osceola County


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Thousands of students in Osceola County might have gotten the wrong grades on their report cards because of a computer glitch.
    School district officials said the computer system which houses all student information is being upgraded and that could have led to the problem with report cards.
    Blanca Cedillo's daughter will be a sophomore at St. Cloud High School when classes resume.
    Her daughter is one of thousands of students still waiting on final grades. Several parents called Channel 9 to say they are frustrated by the delay.
    "This is her grades. We don't know how many points she's gotten, what her grade level is, what the (grade-point average) is," said Cedillo.
    Usually, parents pick up report cards at their child's school a few weeks into the summer break. School district officials said the grades still are not available. St. Cloud High School is one of eight high schools in the county where report cards have been delayed because of the glitch.
    "It's absolutely not the fault of our teachers. (They) turned in their grades on time, did exactly what they were supposed to do. This is at a district level -- a programming error," said Dana Shafer, with the Osceola County School District.
    District officials said there are approximately 12,000 high school students in the district. They said some of them have already picked up report cards, but those grades could be wrong and now they're working to issue all students new report cards.
    "We are working very hard to make sure they are the grades our students earned," said Shafer.
    Officials said they don't know when the proper grades will be available.
    "School's going to start soon too how. How do we know, as a parent, if the child passed the grade or not?" said Cedillo.
    "We're not sure yet. We'll take those issues individually, case by case. (We will) work with the families when the grades come out," said Shafer.

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