Construction on 408, I-4 interchange could finally be finished



ORLANDO, Fla. - WFTV found out construction on a heavily used intersection in downtown Orlando could finally be finished.

The State Road 408 and Interstate 4 interchange is considered one of the busiest and most confusing intersections in Central Florida.

Once finished, the interchange will allow people to connect more easily from SR 408 to I-4.

But WFTV's Racquel Asa learned a fight is brewing over how to pay for it.

Off-peak hours on the 408 to I-4 are a breeze, but they're complicated even to drivers who live here.

"It is very confusing. I'm not happy with it. I wish they never did it," said driver Mario Igelsia.

The unfinished ramps were meant to fix the problems, but they've sat unfinished since 2009 because the state didn't have the money to connect them to I-4.

"Still waiting to find out where it's going to lead to and when it's going to get done," said Igelsia.

WFTV found out one of the new ramps from the 408 will fly over I-4 and connect to the interstate. It'll simplify the interchange and alleviate congestion for drivers.

But the state and Expressway Authority are at odds over who will pay to finish up the ramps.

The Authority is still figuring out if it has the roughly $250 million to chip in for the project.

Drivers are stuck in the middle while the state and Authority negotiate.

"I've lived here all my life and very few roads have they thought far enough ahead to widen up properly without tearing it up half the time," said driver David Fiskum.

That is what will happen with the old I-4 and 408 interchange once the state and Expressway Authority figure out who's going to pay for what.

The state said it's still finalizing the funding and construction schedule of the widening of I-4, so it doesn't know yet when the ramps will be finished.