Contractor misspells Wooton Park as W-O-O-T-E-N



WOOTON PARK, Fla. - Some signs in Wooton Park have a glaring error that needs to be fixed – the name Wooton is spelled wrong: W-O-O-T-E-N.

Channel 9's Berndt Petersen spotted the mistake while driving on the Florida Turnpike.

When contacted, city officials said they were aware of the problem on a couple of brand-new signs along the Turnpike just off the State Road 19 exit.

The Tavares Seaplane Base is just one of the multimillion dollar improvements to Wooton Park, named after Floyd and Jeannette Wooton, who donated the large piece of waterfront property to the city 65 years ago.

Bill Neron with the city of Tavares said it is amazing how many people misspell Wooton Park with an "e" instead of an "o."

"I did it for the first two months I worked here," Neron said.

City officials say the Turnpike Authority hired a contractor to make the signs, which were completed before the city received an image of what they would look like, otherwise officials would have caught the mistake.

The money for the signs comes out of the Authority's budget, so city taxpayers won't be on the hook, though it won't be expensive to fix.

City officials expect the E's to be replaced with O's in 30 to 60 days, and have been able to laugh off the spelling error.

"That's what happens when everybody starts texting," Neron said.

It's apparently an easy repair -- officials said the letters are super-sized stickers, so workers will peel off the E's and replace them with O's.