Action 9 steps in after company repairs wrong home, damages yard



DELTONA, Fla. - A Deltona woman claims a company ripped out and replaced her septic system by mistake, then didn't repair the mess it left behind.

Jackie Davis said she returned from work to find her lawn ripped out and trees missing, and she claims minor driveway cracks turned into large cracks.

"I was like, ‘What happened? What happened to my lawn?’” Davis said.

It wasn’t until a neighbor spoke with her that Davis found out what happened.

"My neighbor says, ‘Congratulations. You got a new septic system,’ but I didn't order a septic system,” Davis said.

It turns out Brownie's Wastewater Solutions had removed  her old septic tank and drain field and replaced it with a new system. The company sold a new septic system to the owners of a home across the street on Morven Court, but the contract had Davis’ street number written on it by accident.

The next day, Davis said the company promised to restore her yard and driveway. However, she said three weeks passed without action and then the company wanted her to pay upfront and be reimbursed later.

"They either want me or the handyman to pay, but neither one of us is going to pay," Davis said.

Action 9 found Brownie’s had an F rating at the Better Business Bureau with nine complaints.

Managers at Brownies were eager to talk about Davis’ house, apologized for what happened and said they never expected her to pay upfront, saying there had been some miscommunications.

"We'll pay the consumer directly. She can hire whoever she wants.  We'll be glad to rectify the problem," said company CEO Michael Borish. "I'll have someone deliver a check to her today." said Michael.

Brownies said Davis also got a $6,000 septic system for free.

In the end, the company sent Davis a $1,000 check to cover the lawn, trees and driveway repair. Top managers also said the company will resolve consumer complaints filed with the BBB.