• Cops: 13-year-old girl forced to dance in all-nude strip club


    MIAMI - A 13-year-old girl who ran away from her Miami home was forced into prostitution and forced to dance at an all-nude strip club, authorities said.

    It all started one month ago when detectives said she met Vilbert Jean, Marlene San Vincente and Dewayne Ward.

    The state attorney said the 13-year-old was forced to dance at club Madonna.

    Investigators believe the girl performed at the club for nearly a week.

    The girl came to the club with an employee.

    "She [an employee] called one of my managers and said she was coming to work and could she bring a friend. That is the way the girl got in here. And, I've talked to a couple of people that have seen her around and it says she is 18. She looks 18, 19, 20," said club Madonna owner Leroy Griffin.

    The girl's mother found her on Monday and called police.

    Jean, Vincente and Ward were arrested.

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