Cops: 20 people busted for illegal prescription drug abuse in Brevard County



TITUSVILLE, Fla. - Titusville police, Brevard County deputies and Drug Enforcement Agents busted people accused of illegally buying and selling prescription drugs Wednesday.

Police said the bust is the result of an investigation over the past several months.

It started with a single buy bust in October of last year, but Titusville police said they expect to have more than 20 people in custody.

Vanessa Francois appeared to be in a good mood as she was escorted into the Titusville police department on a charge of trafficking in oxycodone.

"They're calling your boyfriend a ringleader?" asked Channel 9's Blaine Tolison.

"Nope," Francois said.

Francois' boyfriend, David Dye, who police describe as the ringleader in a network of suspects accused of selling and buying oxycodone.

Crystal Alton is charged with solicitation to purchase oxycodone, along with Victoria Manzo. They were among the suspects arrested.

Investigators said they believe some of the pills in this case were bought from a Seminole County pain clinic. Others were simply bought from individuals.

"Some of these people are coming from other doctors and these people give symptoms and reasons to need these narcotics and they're given these prescriptions," Sgt. Tom House with Titusville police said.

Police are still trying to track down a number of other suspects who they said have been obtaining oxycodone illegally.

Investigators said they're not seeing a decrease in the illegal sales of prescription drugs and that it continues. They also said heroin use is on the rise.