• Cops: Man with death kit planned to kill wife who wanted divorce


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators said a Volusia County man angry at his wife for wanting a divorce assembled a "death kit" and was planning to kill her.

    Officers said 29-year-old Tolga Miran had a knife, ropes, duct tape, pantyhose and bottles of bleach with him when they arrested him.

    Miran is in jail on grand theft auto charges but will be charged with aggravated stalking, officials said.

    Police Chief Mike Chitwood believes Miran came to Daytona Beach to kill his wife and said it wasn't a matter of if, but when he would have done it.

    Police arrested him Wednesday at a dealership on charges of stealing an employee's truck.

    Miran dropped his rental car off at the dealership, stole the employee's truck and came back hours later to get his car, according to a report.

    An employee spotted him and called police.

    When police arrived they questioned Miran who claimed that a friend named mike let him use his truck, but they found no one there by that name and Miran kept changing his story.

    Investigators learned he has a history of violence with his estranged wife in Polk County.

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