Crist slams Gov. Scott during campaign stop in Orlando



ORLANDO, Fla. - Former Gov. Charlie Crist addressed a crowd of local leaders and politicians at the Tiger Bay Club of Central Florida on Wednesday, saying he wants his old job back.

"I'm running for governor for one simple reason: Tallahassee is broken, and it's time to put people back in charge of our state," Crist said. "We need a governor who doesn't view every issue as a discussion of right versus left but rather right versus wrong."

Crist, the Republican-turned-Democrat, has taken criticism for flipping parties solely for political gain.

On Wednesday, he downplayed that by saying he did it because he didn't agree with the direction of the Republican Party.

While he talked about his plan to better fund education and make college more affordable as a way to spur economic growth, Crist also took shots at Gov. Rick Scott, who has made several stops in central Florida.

"Right now, we have an economic plan led by Gov. Scott that consists of flying in his private plane to hold press conferences to tout job growth that he literally had nothing to do with," said Crist.

And while Crist may be leading in recent polls, he's calling for support knowing Scott has for more money to spend on ads geared at defeating him.

"Give me $1 if you agree with what I'm talking about. You know why?  Because I'm running against $100 million," said Crist.

After the speech, Republicans responded by saying Scott has been the governor who has brought jobs to Florida and has been working hard to clean up the mess Crist left behind.