Daisy Lynum's son says he's running for his mother's council seat



ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned Orlando city commissioner Daisy Lynum's son is now running for his mother's seat while she's still in the race.

Lynum has held the District 5 seat representing Parramore for more than a decade, but this time around she was being challenged by three residents: Cynthia Harris, Regina Hill and now her son, Juan Lynum.

Lynum's career has been full of controversy. In 2006, Channel 9 reported Lynum had called Orlando's police chief to get her son out of a traffic citation.

Two years later, officials found Lynum let her son use her city pass to rack up more than $2,000 worth of free parking.

And in 2011, Lynum was accused of using her influence to help her son's clients win a city contract.

Channel 9 reached out to both Juan and Daisy Lynum but have not heard back.

"Right now, I feel there is no transparency, and there no one speaking for them," said Hill.

"What I would do is be more accountable to the constituents of District 5," said Harris. "We have not had that in a long time."