• Daytona Beach woman uses iPhone app to track stolen items


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - A Daytona Beach woman helped police track down items stolen out of her car by using an app on her iPhone that she used to track her stolen iPad.

    On Wednesday, Theresa Conroy and her son found both of their vehicles had been burglarized while parked in front of their rental home.

    Conroy saidshe recalled her sister using the tracking app in a similar situation, so she gave it a shot and it showed her exactly where her iPad was.

    The Conroys went to Daytona Beach police, and officers stopped by the house where the iPad was located. The resident didn't give them permission to search the house, so they got a search warran and found  the iPad hidden in a hole in the garage wall.

    The homeowner is expected to be charged.


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