DC Comics suing local barber shop over 'Superman' logo



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A world famous comic book company is suing a local barber shop.

DC Comics owns the right to the Superman character and it claims the shop called Supermen Fades to Fros is infringing on its trademark.

WFTV's Jeff Deal found out the comic's giant wants the owner to find a new name.

DC Comics is suing Reginal Jones, the owner of Supermen Fades to Fros.

He has two shops, one in downtown Eatonville and the other in the heart of Winter Park.

The company claims the barber shop is infringing on its federal trademark. In the lawsuit, it points out the arched telescopic way the shop writes Supermen and the big letter "S."

DC Comics said it wants the barber shop to stop using the name and the logo.

Long-time comic book fan Adam Cason said he's surprised about the lawsuit, but understands because the logos are so similar.

"I see it more along the lines of somebody trying to make sure to protect their own assets," said Cason.

Others in the community don't see it.

"It's just a sign," said Devy Jefferson.

DC Comics wants money, wants the shop to stop using the symbol, to destroy its signs, and even give up its website name.

"The comic book people have billions of dollars. Why do they want to mess with the little man who's trying to make a living?" said Jefferson.

The owner of the barbershop told WFTV he didn't know he was being sued until we showed him the lawsuit. He didn't want to comment on it.