• DCF investigator may have falsified report in child's death


    MIAMI - Authorities say a child abuse investigator may have falsified the substance abuse screening of a South Florida mother who later left her baby to die in a hot car.
    Based on Shani Smith's report last fall, officials determined it was not necessary to protect 11-month-old Bryan Osceola or his siblings from his parents. Then last week authorities say the child's mother, Catalina Bruno, left Bryan, along with her purse and a can of beer, in the car outside their home.
    The Miami Herald (http://goo.gl/QgMcg) reports that the boy had a 109-degree temperature when he was finally found. He was declared dead at the hospital.
    Department of Children & Families Secretary David Wilkins says there's no evidence that a required substance abuse evaluation was performed following a November visit.
    Wilkins says Smith denies falsifying the documents.

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