Disbelief, relief outside courthouse after Zimmerman found not guilty



SANFORD, Fla. - A not-guilty verdict brought forth by the jury in the George Zimmerman trial caused cries of disbelief outside the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center late Saturday night.

Throughout jury deliberations in the George Zimmerman trial, there had been demonstrations outside the Seminole County courthouse.

The gathering had been mostly small and peaceful Saturday, but cries for justice rose into the night from an incensed crowd disappointed and saddened by the verdict.

The crowd appeared larger Saturday, and there was a back and forth between Zimmerman supporters and Martin supporters.

There was even a little church.

Prosecutor John Guy could be seen looking at the crowd below from a window in the courthouse as demonstrators engaged in discussion.

One Zimmerman supporter found an ally in the heat – Martin supporter Retesha Anusionwu.

Anusionwu said she gave the man water without hesitation.

"I gave it to him, because regardless of whose side you are on, you are human," Anusionwu said.

A drink of water generated a conversation.

"I don't hate you for your views. But I respect you," Anusionwu said.

The county courthouse is 5 miles south of downtown Sanford.

Fort Mellon park was the scene of previous rallies to downtown and some surrounding neighborhoods.