• Dentist said he was hit on his bike by OPD car that didn't stop


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A Lake Nona dentist has put the city of Orlando on notice that he could sue after he claims he was hit by an Orlando police officer's car.

    Dr. Charles Cuprill said the officer didn't stop after hitting him while he was riding his bicycle on Narcoossee Road on Monday.

    "I just don't know how long the investigation has to last for them to at least acknowledge, this is what happened," said Cuprill's attorney Luis Gracia.

    Cuprill, and two drivers who witnesses the incident, told investigators that an Orlando police cruiser didn't have its turn signal on and turned into Cuprill who said he was in the bike lane. They said the car never stopped. 

    One witness called 911.

    "I was at the stoplight and saw the police car turn off of Narcoossee onto Dowden and the guy was, I guess, crossing the street at the same time and just knocked him over and kept going," said witness Wayne Dennis.

    "It's a police squad car that causes the incident and leaves. Then (Cuprill's) expecting someone to frankly owned up to the incident that's all," said Gracia.

    A representative from the Orlando Police Department said the department cannot confirm whether any car actually hit Cuprill, or whether a cruiser was involved.

    "We have a specific location, specific date, specific time, specific description of the vehicle and we still don't have an answer from the department," said Gracia.

    Police officials said OPD squad cars do not have GPS trackers. They said officers typically check in and out of calls, but drive around during the day on patrol.

    Gracia said the chief did leave a message for Cuprill, who is at his home with a fractured arm from the impact.

    "He's not even working. He had to hire someone to absorb the treatment to his patients. That is simply not fair," said Gracia.

    By law, OPD has 6 months to respond to the dentist's formal claim of negligence. After that time passes, if Cuprill isn't satisfied, he can file a civil lawsuit against the city.

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