Couple investigated regarding stolen I-95 guardrails



MIMS, Fla. - Deputies said a couple tried to cash in guardrails believed to be stolen from Interstate 95 Friday morning.

Alert employees at Mims East Coast Recycling called the Brevard County Sheriff's Office immediately after they realized what the metal was.

The man and woman, who have not been identified, are being investigated for trying to sell scrap metal that raised a big red flag.

The Sheriff's Office said it hasn't been able to officially charge the couple yet.

Investigators said they don't think they'll have problems eventually charging the two, but first they have to figure out where the material came from and who owns it.

Investigators believe it may have been stolen from a construction site somewhere along I-95, of which there are several.

Employees at the scrapyard didn't want to say much about the case.

"We don't want to interfere with the investigation because we're in full cooperation with them," an employee said.

Eyewitness News obtained video of the traffic stop where the two may have been trying to haul in more guardrails.

The man acts relatively calm, and then a few minutes later, after being questioned by investigators, gets very agitated.

He puts his head in his hands just before being cuffed and taken into custody. He calls out to the woman, who is upset herself.

Deputies are not identifying them, and said they could only arrest the man for driving with a suspended license while they wait on warrants for the allegedly stolen guardrails.

Drivers who travel the interstate think time hauling heavy, stolen metal could be better spent.

"That's work in itself, seems like it'd be easier to find a job," said one driver.