Deputies: Driver asleep at wheel crashes into man's bedroom



DELTONA, Fla. - State troopers have yet to charge a driver accused of crashing into a Volusia County house.

The man fell asleep just before midnight and crashed into the bedroom of a Deltona home late Tuesday night on Champlain Drive, said Volusia County investigators.

Deputies said the driver fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of his car around a curve.

A giant hole was left on the side of the Deltona house, and inside the bedroom were pieces of concrete, shattered glass and what's left of a bed.

The homeowner, Fred Ciabatoni, was just five feet away in his living room when the car came crashing through.

After the driver lost control he ran over two lawns, slammed into two fences and finally ended up in Ciabatoni's bedroom.

The car slammed into a dresser and pushed it through the wall into the next room.

"If I would have been in there I would have been dead," Ciabatoni said.

He said he is just glad he was watching television and not sleeping in his bedroom.

Ciabatoni said the curve outside his home is dangerous.

He said drivers take it too fast and end up hitting fences, trees and now his house. The headboard to his bed was sitting on top of a pile of rubble.

"Next thing I know, 'Kaboom.' It sounded like an explosion. I thought the furnace blew up," Ciabatoni said. "There is a car parked in my bedroom. [It] wiped out everything."

Ciabatoni said he told the driver to stay in the car while he called 911.

Ciabatoni and some of his neighbors told WFTV this is not the first time someone has crashed along the stretch of Doyle Road.

They said the curve is too sharp and has caused dozens of cars to spin out or crash.

"Somebody is going to get hurt really bad," said neighbor Daniel Bowles.

Volusia County engineers told WFTV they are going to inspect the curve to see if something needs to be changed.

"I don't care if they put a Jersey barrier there, but they have to put something over there to reflect the cars," Ciabatoni said.

Ciabatoni just hopes it's before another car lands in his bedroom.

He said his insurance will pay for repairs.

Until his house is repaired, he'll be sleeping at his sister's place, he said.