Mother claims miscommunication led to boy, 4, wandering in Pine Hills



ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County deputies and Department of Children and Families investigators are trying to figure out how a 4-year-old boy, who was supposed to be with his family, ended up on the streets in Pine Hills.

Deputies said they were able to identify the boy as Terrans Emile, who was found wandering on the sidewalk of North Lane near La Vista Drive and Robbins Avenue on Thursday.

"The deputy tried to talk to the child," said Jane Watrel of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "He was very sweet. Asked him his name. All he could say was Terrans or TJ."

Authorities, however, said the boy couldn’t provide information as to where he lived.

The boy's mother, Judiline Pierre, contacted the Sheriff's Office on Friday, 24 hours after the boy was found, and said there was a miscommunication between her and a relative, who was the child's day care provider.

Channel 9’s Kenneth Craig went to the home where Emile’s mother said her son was being looked after by relatives.

A man answered the door but he did not speak English.

Investigators are in the process of interviewing the boy’s mother and the relatives in the home.

“My impression is that when the mom dropped the child off, she thought the child was safe,” Watrel said.

Someone called 911 Thursday evening when they spotted the boy with no shoes and a runny nose.

Detectives said Pierre insists it was miscommunication.

“I don’t even see how that’s possible. I have a child myself, she’s only two. I wouldn’t let her out of my sight,” said neighbor Malcolm Scarlett.

Detectives said it’s too soon to say if anyone will face charges.