Deputies search for missing 81-year-old Volusia woman



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - The Volusia County Sheriff's Office is searching for a missing 81-year-old Osteen woman who was last seen two weeks ago.

According to investigators, neighbors noticed newspapers piling up at Shirley Umbarger’s home.

When one neighbor went to check on her, they found a sliding glass door open and a radio playing inside the home.

The Sheriff's Office was notified Sunday afternoon and said there were no signs of forced entry or foul play at the Gee Whiz Lane home.

A neighbor reported last seeing Umbarger about two weeks ago.

“She's living out here on 10 acres by herself,” said neighbor Pat Daniels. “It's a very big concern. I'm very concerned for her welfare."

Daniels said Umbarger is only seen occasionally walking to a store four miles away, although neighbors usually pick her up.

“I told her over and over again, ‘Call me. I'll come and get you. You don't have to walk this road,’” said Daniels. “She was very independent, I guess."

Deputies are asking neighbors to check their properties and any sheds they may have to possibly find clues pointing to where Umberger might have gone.

Gene Carpenter, who called authorities about Umberger, said he hopped on his tractor to see if he could find her.

“I personally went over to the house and knocked, rang a bell over there and called, ‘Shirley,’ and got no response,” he said.

Carpenter said he has known Umberger for 20 years and she is a kind woman, but she is always reluctant to divulge anything personal, which leaves little information for deputies to use to find her.

“I just don't really know. I have a bad feeling. I'm scared for her,” said Daniels.

Deputies said Umbarger does not own a cellphone or a car, and she hasn’t been in contact with any family members.

Umbarger is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. She has brown eyes and blond hair.

Anyone who has information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at 386-736-5999.