Deputies: Seminole County father assaulted son's school principal



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - A Seminole County man accused of being drunk and assaulting a school principal Monday has been arrested.

Seminole County investigators said James Allison was at Eastbrook Elementary School in Winter Park to pick his son up.

According to investigators, a witness said that before arriving at the school Allison was nearly hit by a vehicle.

Allison was then seen trying to leave the school and was stumbling and using his son to try to hold himself up, according to the police report.

Deputies said Allison agreed to come into the school while administrators attempted to contact his wife.

The boy started crying and deputies said that's when Allison became upset and threatened Principal Rick Carver.

Allison told Carver, "If you talk to my son again, I will kill you with my bare hands," the report said.

“He was screaming, ‘I want my son. I want my son now,’ at the top of his lungs,” said witness Iris Delacruz.

Allison was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication, disruption of a school/campus function, assault on a school board/staff member and possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was booked into the Seminole County Jail.