• Disagreements between union and district delay raises for Orange Co. teachers


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Teachers in Orange County will have to wait even longer to get the raises they started fighting for nearly a year ago.

    They've been waiting since May 2013 to get more than $2,000, which was promised to almost every single teacher in the county.

    Channel 9's Kenneth Craig found out the teachers' union rejected the deal, delaying the raises.

    Last month a magistrate ruled and issued an agreement, that would have given $2,475 raises to 99 percent of the district’s 13,000 teachers.

    Union officials said their issues come down to the performance pay salary structure and teacher evaluations.

    The district said the evaluations must start this school year, but the union is fighting to push that to next year.

    “That is why we’re at an impasse. It was one of the major reasons,” said Diana Moore, president of the Classroom Teachers Association.

    The union and the district are still negotiating.

    Aspects of the contract they don’t agree on will go to the school board for a vote.

    Teachers will then vote on what the school board decided.

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