• Disney introduces pass that prevents non-disabled people from cutting lines


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Four months after controversy emerged, Walt Disney World is about to unveil a new pass system preventing able-bodied guests from cutting in front of lines.

    Larry and Delilah Keran celebrated their second honeymoon at Disney, but getting around the park was not easy for the Vietnam veteran.

    "They do take very good care of us," Larry Keran said.

    Disabled guests are able to get a pass and skip to the front of the line, but earlier this year abuse of this system was reported. Able-bodied guests were paying for access that was specifically for those that are disabled. Since these reports Disney has been working on a solution.

    "It's just cheating the system and not fair to the other riders," Delilah Keran said.

    Starting next month, Disney will implement a fast-pass system for its disabled guests. It will be a virtual wait time instead of instant access.

    "I think it's a great idea," said park goer Robert Price.

    Disney said it's an effort to create a more consistent experience for all guests.

    "If it's going to make it fair for other patrons, it's right to do," Delilah Keran said.

    Disney said it consulted with groups that advocate for people with disabilities, such as Autism Speaks, on the new policy changes.

    The new policy and program is set to start Oct. 9.

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