• Woman who said Orlando cop sexually assaulted her speaks to WFTV


    ORLANDO, Fla. - The woman who accused Orlando Police Officer Roderick Johnson of sexually battering her after she was arrested spoke to WFTV's Kathi Belich Tuesday.

    The 22-year-old said she has faced prostitution charges this year and last year and that she believes Johnson was emboldened by that.

    "He's like, 'Hey, she has a former charge, that's extra ammo so she'll just do it, she'll just go along with it or if this did come to light no one would look at me as wrong because of what she's done in the past,'" the woman said.

    She said when he asked whether she was good at performing a certain sex act, while they were sitting in his patrol car, she was caught completely off guard

    "Wow, when he said that I was like, 'Whoa.' I didn't know what to say, honestly," the woman said.

    She said she was staring at his gun during one of the sexual encounters at the police substation and that intimidated her even more.

    "I just went ahead, because like I said I was intimidated. I did not know what, if I didn't comply, what he would to me. If he would force me," she said.

    Johnson was arrested and charged with sexual battery and bailed out of jail on $10,500 bond Monday night.

    Court documents detail the events that occurred the night a woman said Orlando Police Officer Roderick Johnson sexually battered her after she was arrested.

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    According to the documents, on the afternoon of Oct. 16, Johnson drove the arrested woman to a police substation on Orange Center Boulevard, where they had sex.

    The woman said in her handwritten statement she told Johnson she was uncomfortable but that he just laughed it off.

    The woman told jail workers Johnson flirted with her almost from the start and asked her if she was good at performing certain sexual acts. She said he even removed one of her handcuffs so she could maneuver.

    The reports state that Johnson gave the woman $40 afterward and told her to call him after she got out of jail, and said he had another $100 for her.Johnson did not charge her for marijuana possession and the drug was later found in his cruiser, the document said.

    The report also stated that the woman claimed Johnson wore his uniform and kept his gun in the holster during the incident.

    The woman also stated in the report that she was afraid if she did not have sex with Johnson, he would beat her or she would face more charges.

    The woman then told police that she believes she contracted some sort of sexually transmitted disease from Johnson.

    The report shows Johnson steadfastly denied having sex with the woman, but Orlando detectives said he kept changing his story to explain evidence that they suggested they might have against him.

    Police said they did find Johnson's fingerprints on the table in the substation.  The woman claims it’s the same table she leaned over during the alleged sexual encounter. However, police did not find the woman’s prints on the table

    Johnson is charged with sexual battery by a law enforcement officer, which is a first-degree felony.

    His accuser said she does not believe he should be a police officer any more, but said she feels bad for what he and his family are going through. She said she believes he needs help.  

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