Documents reveal more details on alleged white supremacist group



OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - Documents were released in the investigation of an alleged white supremacist group known as the American Front Friday.

The group is accused of training for a race war on a compound in Osceola County, and 13 people are facing charges.

In a documented deposition, an FBI informant described what he saw happening on the compound.

The paid informant, Jason Hall, said in a sworn testimony that he went inside the alleged white supremacist group to train for what the American Front leaders thought would be their chance to start a race war.

Undercover video shot by the informant shows group members firing a gun on the property owned by the alleged ringleaders, Mark and Patricia Faella.

In the deposition, Hall said the ringleaders would make group members train with weapons to see who could break down an AK-47 the fastest.        

Hall also said they were shown how to disguise a sharpened staff as a flag pole.

Hall said the FBI had paid him $40,000 for information over four years, and $15,000 of it was to relocate him because of the case.

Investigators said the group planned to show up at what they believed was a communist event in Melbourne last May and provoke an attack.

Leading up to that incident, Hall says he was forced to flee the group as they began to suspect he was an informant.

Soon after Hall fled the group, 14 alleged members of the American Front were arrested, including the Faellas.