• Driver spins doughnuts on lawn of Seminole County Courthouse


    SANFORD, Fla. - Deputies are looking for the driver who spun donuts in the front lawn of Seminole County's Criminal Justice Center.

    It happened next to the Sheriff's Office, but investigators said they don't have any suspects.

    A security guard spotted a white car spinning around the lawn just before 2 a.m. Friday.

    Despite the fact the incident happened near busy U.S. 17-92 in front of the Justice Center and next to the Sheriff's Office, investigators said they don't have many leads.

    The property is in the city of Sanford, so city police officers, rather than sheriff's deputies, were dispatched instead of deputies. Police arrived quickly but the vandal was gone when they arrived.

    "They should have been able to catch him, especially in a place like this here," one visitor to the Justice Center said.

    Court officials said they have surveillance video, but it's grainy because it was shot from far away during the middle of the night.

    The culprit, if caught, will likely end up back at the Justice Center, which is the site of Seminole County's criminal courthouse.

    Officials said it will cost about $500 to repair the grass.

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