• Duke Energy customers protest rate hikes for defunct power plants


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - Duke Energy customers are upset they are paying for cancelled nuclear power plants that never produced any energy.

    Some customers took their outrage straight to the power company Thursday, protesting outside the company's building in Longwood.

    An October settlement with Duke and the Florida Public Service Commission had customers paying close to $6 extra on their bills for cancelled power plant projects.

    In January, customers could pay more on their electric bills once again.

    "We really need the leadership in Tallahassee to step up and show the public they are willing to go to bat for the middle class and working people in this state, as well as small businesses that are really struggling with the rate increase they suffered," Mandy Hancock of Southern Energy Network said.

    Eyewitness News contacted the Governor's Office but is still waiting to hear back.

    Duke Energy customers could be charged an extra $9 on their bills in January.

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