Neighbors say elderly man killed in house fire was 'a very good guy'



ORLANDO, Fla. - An elderly man was killed in a Parramore house fire early Friday morning, according to the Orlando Fire Department.

Friday afternoon firefighters confirmed that Donald Jackson, 76, died in the fire.

Neighbors cried as they talked to WFTV about Jackson who died inside his W. Washington Street home when the fire ripped through it.

"He was a good guy, a very good guy," said neighbor Moises Jenkins.

Firefighters said paramedics who happened to be in the area saw the blaze and breached the front door of the home to try to rescue Jackson, who they initially heard screaming. The structure started to collapse from the fire and paramedics said they could no longer hear the man.

"They could hear a voice. They called out and they tried to go in as far as they could, but a piece of ceiling dropped," said J.R. Saez of the Orlando Fire Department.

The paramedics had to back out and let the firefighters go in. They said they were halfway into the home when the ceiling caved.

"I can see that fire has progressed about three-quarters of the house. We had to pull everybody out," Saez said.

Several fire department units arrived and extinguished the fire. Afterward, firefighters searched the home and found the man's body.

His family showed up at the house hours later, mourning the loss of Jackson.

Everyone WFTV spoke with described him as caring and giving.

"He was a funny dude, man; very funny guy. One minute he was there, now he's gone."

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire.