Emails regarding agent in Todashev shooting possibly being cleared


As you see from the below email from the chief assistant of the State Attorney's Office of Orange County, Florida, the Department of Justice has amatuerishly and irresponsibly leaked information to the Washington Post and the Washington Post, as equally amatuerishly and irresponsibly, published unconfirmed information in their effort to be "first". The Todashev family, the American public, and the international community are entitled to conduct expected and becoming the Department of Justice and the Washington Post. Once the Department of Justice and State Attorney reports are made public, our defense will, on behalf of the Todashev family, review the report and hold a press conference, date, time and place to be named later, discussing our reaction and expectations of what the future may hold in this matter in order to ensure that the Todashev family concludes that when we say in America "justice for all" it's not just a fourth grade perfunctory observation as we say the Pledge of Allegiance.


Barry A. Cohen

The Cohen Law Group


The State Attorney has not made a final decision regarding the investigation into the death of Mr. Todashev and he has not communicated his decision to any federal officials.  We do not know who said anything to the contrary.  The original investigative report has been written, however, the Chief of Investigations has not yet submitted a supplemental report to the State Attorney.  The State Attorney intends to review all materials over the weekend & make his final decision no later than sometime Monday.  The release of purported information is inaccurate and unfair to Mr. Todashev's surviving family and the police officers involved in the incident and their families.  It also contravenes and frustrates all of the efforts to date by employees of the FBI, DOJ and this office for the orderly and safe release of information. 

Richard I. Wallsh, Esq.
Chief Assistant/Executive Director
Office of the State Attorney
9th Judicial Circuit