Employees unpaid after Brevard County restaurant shuts down



BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Employees at a Brevard County restaurant were shocked to show up to work to find it closed and the owner nowhere to be found.

They say they got no notice that Cantina dos Amigos was closing and they haven’t been paid.

Their next move is to hire a lawyer and go after the owner for what they say they’re owed.

Tory Fee was devastated when she heard the news.       

"When I first found out I cried, I was really upset," said Fee, 17.

She showed up to see for herself and that’s when she noticed a handwritten sign that said it was closed until further notice.

Now she can't find her boss, Donald Nardone.

“He disappeared in the middle of the night," Fee said. “We had no notice of this, absolutely none."

Fee said Nardone owes her close to $300 and that almost 30 employees have been waiting about a month for their checks.

“There are mothers who work there, who are supporting their kids," Fee said. "The manager told the waitresses and everyone else to file for unemployment."

That’s not an option for Fee because she doesn’t meet the criteria, she said.

Fee had been working at the restaurant for six months. It was her first job, but early on she said she knew there were problems when three of her pay checks bounced and her boss started paying her with cash.

Fee’s mother told her to quit, but Fee decided to stay.

"He kept making her feel as though they were a big family here. Turns out that wasn't the case,” Kristin Fee said. “No, he didn't care about her at all."