• Enterprise Florida statement to 9 Investigates


    Enterprise Florida, a public-private partnership, is keenly focused on getting Floridians back to work, facilitating job growth for Florida citizens.  The board of directors and staff abide by operating standards that ensure strong ethical practices and adherence to the state’s economic development mission.

    Key points about that process:

    • Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) approves or rejects a recommendation for incentives.
    • Board members DO NOT participate in incentives decisions.  
    • Board members DO NOT become involved with competitive projects under negotiation.  Such projects ARE NOT discussed at board meetings or during any committee meeting that may involve a board member.
    • All Enterprise Florida board meetings and committee meetings involving board members are sunshine noticed and open to the public.
    • Board meetings are televised and committee meetings can be accessed via teleconference. Meeting minutes are available for public access.
    • The businesses and corporations represented on Enterprise Florida’s board also have their ethical guidelines and corporate policies, and they comply with the law.
    • Every company goes through the same process for incentives as any other company.
    •   Most incentives are performance-based:  A company receives the incentive AFTER it has met contractual requirements with the state, including job-producing goals.  DEO monitors these contractual agreements.
    • The state’s grants or cash incentives mandate that companies meet certain contractual criteria before the funds are issued.

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