• EPass users warned of new email scam


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A new scam is targeting local drivers who use tolls. Officials told Channel 9 about the warning Friday after customers and some of their own employees started getting the questionable email.

    The Central Florida Expressway Authority said workers get about a dozen calls a day about the scam email because their EPass logo is so similar to EZPass, the electronic toll system used up north.

    The scam alleges EZPass drivers haven’t paid for driving on a toll road and gives a false invoice accessible through a link.

    At a quick glance, the email looks legit, but local drivers have noticed the scam said EZPass, not EPass.

    "I didn't notice that," said EPass holder Mike Donelson. "Thank you for mentioning that. It's a slight variation that most people would miss like I did."

    A closer look at the email address also shows it didn't come from someone in the U.S. rather someone in Brazil.

    The Expressway Authority said the only way they would notify a driver of a toll infraction is through  the mail.

    Officials said the only time they'll send an email is if you signed up for it. Even then it'll only be your statement or construction alerts.

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