Eustis Commission asks city manager Paul Berg to step down



EUSTIS, Fla. - The Eustis City Commission has asked the city manager to resign but it will cost taxpayers to make it happen.

City manager Paul Berg's contract provides for a payday.

The Eustis manager will receive one year's salary to leave. His contract is standard in the business.

Some working people in the city of Eustis said they know a sweetheart deal when they see one.

"That would be lovely. Even if I got just one year salary, which, OK, whatever. It certainly isn't $140,000," resident Sue Elliott said.

That's how much Berg is paid. At this week's city commission meeting, officials pushed for Berg's resignation.

"I just feel that things are not going well," city commissioner Albert Eckian said.

Because three of the five commissioners agreed, Berg has agreed to leave, but his contract entitles him to one year's salary.

Mayor Kress Muenzmay said most city managers only last four to six years, which is why the contracts are written that way.

"I'm not sure that I would take that job myself without that kind of a policy. And yes, it is a cost. It is a cost to the taxpayer. But it is a cost the city has been willing to bear.

Some residents call it a bad deal.

Elliott says she loses faith in the City Commission every time she goes downtown.

"I'm not really impressed. We've got a nice grassy spot where the hospital used to be. That's lovely. We needed that. We needed another grassy spot," Elliott said.